The Great Hat Exhibition 22-28 March 2018


130 Milliners from all over the world (Spain, USA, Korea, UK, Ireland, Germany, Australia...30 countries) will showcase their 200 beautiful creations inspired by a piece of history or culture, or crafted with unique technique or craftsmanship of their nation, at a central London venue next to the British Library and King’s Cross St. Pancras station. There will also be a pop-up shop with a further 100 hats on display!


The name of 2018 London Hat Week official exhibition came from the historical event that took place in London in 1851. The Great Exhibition of the Works of Industry of All Nations or ‘The Great Exhibition’, sometimes referred to as the Crystal Palace Exhibition, was an international exhibition that took place in Hyde Park, London. It was the first in a series of World’s Fairs, exhibitions of culture and industry that became popular in the 19th century, and it was a much-anticipated event. Following the successful ‘21st Century Hat Exhibition’ in 2015 and ‘Milliner x Artisan’ exhibition in 2016, we celebrate world culture heritage in magnificent hat designs at The Great Hat Exhibition in March, 2018.


The exhibition is managed and curated by Monique Lee, founder of X Terrace, a fashion platform tailored to connect creatives in Europe with fast growing fashion companies worldwide. Monique's designs have been featured on more than 200 covers of the most prestigious magazines in the world such as Vogue, Vanity Fair, L’Officiel, and she has also recently become one of the official milliners for Royal Ascot 2018.


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Top Ten LFW18 Fashion Scout Catwalks

Written by Naseema Khanom


Fashion Scout is an international showcasing platform for up and coming new fashion designers. They have introduced the world to generations of many talented designers including names such as Felder Felder, David Koma, Pam Hogg and many more.

This year, their AW18 show was held at Freemasons Hall in London in connection with LFW18.  We saw the likes of Mimi Tran, Rocky Star and Apu Jan and others take the catwalk by storm. Here is our list of top 10 pieces and designers who caught our particular attention.


Mimi Tran

Screen Shot 2018-02-27 at 13.05.17.png

Mimi Tran sticks by the mantra that the Mimi Tran woman is fearless, strong and radiant. She empowers the modern woman by reinventing classic styles like the love heart neck, deep cuts and a play on lengths and slits. This classic black piece revisits the 20’s style cape and fur but by the composition being sheer and the skirt split being deep, adds edge and sexiness to catch up with the modern woman. With her collections being ethereal as she empathises that sophistication is timeless.


Malan Breton

Screen Shot 2018-02-27 at 13.56.56.png

 Malan Breton originates from Taiwan, and is deemed one of the internet's favourite designers. This matching couple blue velvet print suit, is the epitome of luxurious. Leather, prints and velvet with the occasional pop of oranges and reds components, are at the heart of his AW18 collection in which he construes together the ideal winter collection


 Apu jan

Screen Shot 2018-02-27 at 12.56.49.png

 London based designer, Apu Jan is notorious for infusing knitwear and geometric designs into her pieces. She fuses themes of Literature with touches of surrealism and realism and marries traditional and contemporary themes together, to create something fresh. This ruffled geometric dress is the centerpiece for the show, which stands out from the whole collection. Each silk piece of fabric is intricately designed.



Screen Shot 2018-02-28 at 13.10.19.png

4Starsica’s colour pallete is something to take note of, it illustrates the perfect transition into SS18. Starsica lives by the concept that is wants to emphasise, ‘everyday wear of luxury with an anxiety of modern society’, from winter stables of black and grey, to more vibrant hues of pastel purples, blues and yellows, the collection maps the formation of a playful collection.

This bright yellow furry sweater paired with a flowy blue oversized trousers meshes this playful luxury together. The looks are completed with kitsch fur and box bags. 


 Rocky Star

Screen Shot 2018-02-28 at 13.25.07.png

 Inspired by India’s rich history and culture, Rocky Star’s craftsmanship does not go unnoticed. He is celebrated by the Bollywood industry having dressed big stars. By adding that touch of contemporary twist to the transitional composition, he celebrates his link between the East and West. This particular piece combines the red traditional lengha top and a kurta jacket, but with tights to bring together a bond between two cultures.


 Clare Tagg

Screen Shot 2018-02-27 at 13.38.01.png

 We cannot think of a more perfect gateway towards SS18 than this stunning collection by Clare Tagg, who combines the magic of glamour and print textiles. Having come from a digital print background, she has created a series of illustrative drawings that explore her journey through Asia.


Simon Mo

Screen Shot 2018-02-28 at 14.22.25.png

Simon Mo conveys sharp edges in his AW18 collection as he inspired by nature, history and culture, as well as keeping the future in mind. There are so many oversized wearable coats in this collection. He plays with cuts, colour blocking as well as stripes to create a contemporary look.



Screen Shot 2018-02-28 at 14.25.55.png

Rohmir is a luxury ready-to-wear brand who were inspired by garments from 20’s and 30’s. This classic collection looks at modern sophisticated silhouettes and compositions. This sheer floral skirt and deep neck dress is inspired by Parisian high couture, femininity and modernity.


I-AM-CHEN focuses on knitting and its advanced techniques from innovative yarns. Its AW18 collection is anything but dull, the vibrant colour palette ranges reds and blues giving it an edgy retro yet futuristic vibe.


DDFC X FAD Dubai: Dee By Dahlia

Screen Shot 2018-02-28 at 14.52.34.png

This collection is playful and unique, it's serious elegant composition with unique prints allows the play on personality and style. Inspired by the 70’s, there are designs that celebrate the cut out dress, ruffles and digital prints. The contract of the black and quirky digital print and cut out plus the makeup make this piece stand out as an elegant showstopper.


In their AW18 collection TATA NAKA is celebrating folk traditions of Eastern Europe.

For PRE FALL and AW18 designers Tamara and Natasha Surguladze of Tata Naka have chosen to celebrate various folk traditions and costumes of Eastern Europe. Strong standing vintage designs are translated into modern shapes and silhouettes to create a striking collection that blends the past with the present.


This eclectic collection features references to the famous floral Russian shawls of Pavlovo Pasad, dating back to the 1800s, as well as the accordion pleated sleeves of traditional dance costumes of Szek. Motifs typically from Georgian Kilims of the 1920s and 1930s are also seen running through the collection in the form of figurative prints portraying the images of traditional Red Army officers on horseback, two lions or deer.


Russian shawls are used as an interpretation of the term ‘flowers on your shoulders’, and padded features can be seen on classic double-breasted coats, jackets and bombers, giving the collection a modern twist. The PRE FALL collection features polka dot cotton pieces mixed with tulle frills and decorated with multiple trims as well as shapes taking inspiration from traditional Columbian and Seminole costumes.




The inspiration around 1920’s Georgian literature is very visible within the AW18 collection, the image of two animals represents love and two animals with a life tree in the middle is the symbol of happiness.


Edeline Lee AW18 first preview

Photographer Benjamin Tietge

AW18 Lookbook


Autumn Winter 2018 finds the EDELINE LEE woman contemplating the dark and secret gardens within herself.  She is still and reflective.  She is divinely feminine, the archetypal Eve.  The silhouette is considered and nearly monastic.


The colors are rich and jewelled: Purple, Red, Navy, Amber Green and Black.  Edeline continues to explore the limitations of her signature Flou Bubble Jacquard and fluid, heavyweight Georgette Champion.  Pure Virgin Wool Boucle outerwear add generous warmth and proportion, and a series of fully sustainable Organic Cotton T-shirts and Sweatshirts playfully elaborate on the themes of the collection.  An opulently textured, three-dimensional Floral Jacquard is cut into tailored shapes and fanciful distorted ruffles.  Garments are draped into lush folds and flounces, weighed down by hand-rolled and wrapped tassels, and wrapped up into a deceptively simple bow.

All Edeline Lee pieces are made by hand in England, of fabrics woven in Italy and France.


How to be "Street Style Ready" with these top 2018 trends

Written by Jordan Ellen Wood


Whether we are scrolling through influencers Instagrams or checking out all the fashion week news, you are bound to come across someone that looks effortless in designer gear. Whilst you on the other hand can’t even step out of the house without a toothpaste stain down your top… But with upcoming designers, buyers and bloggers to soon watch out for, we have to learn how to be street style ready in case we get snapped.

Of course, being on trend is key. You won’t be a head turner if you are wearing a trend from 2 years ago.. Despite how many times you love those bobbly high waisted trousers. As NYFW is over, Fashion Month is still continuing and there is time for us to show the streets how well catwalks influence our wardrobes.  continues and the streets are just as anticipated as the runways. Do you know which trend to go for? Or are you the ones, like me, that leave everything till the morning of?


Pretty in pink


Pink is a colour we hate to love, but at the moment we don’t mind shouting it from the rooftops. Great for layering with different hues or clashing with a pillar box red. It is time to release the power of pink.


The double d’s


I know I speak on everyone's behalf when i say I am glad double denim is back!! A pair of jeans can be took advantage of, as they are seen as an everyday item. But adding a ripped hem, having some jewels or going brighter than a packet of starbursts, can bring a lot more depth to your look.


Lavender obsession


Lavender is the grown up version of Lilac, and I have seen it everywhere during fashion month. The pastel tone is great for the ones who want to grunge up a “girly” colour. All of a sudden I am thinking about Palma Violets…


Trench yourself


As we all should know, trench coats are a staple piece in our wardrobes. They practically go with everything. Whether you like your classic Burberry caramel colour or want to paint the town red in a colour that screams all things bold. Pair with a versatile favourite; mom jeans.


Statement coat


Sometimes the thought of having to pick and plan an outfit can get us pulling every strand of hair out.. A quick tip? Don’t. Invest in a statement jacket with a bold print on. Chuck over some of your most minimal pieces, and you have yourself an outfit worth street snapping.


Don’t chuck out your ugly shoes


That is right… The pair of shoes you would wear to go on a muddy walk in, or something that your dad brought you who has no style. But the shoes that were once known as “ugly” are now the new faves. They bring an edge to an outfit, that turns your most casual outfit into a statement one.


Bag yourself a bumbag


Some people called them bum bags, others called them fanny bags… But either way, the waist centred bag has been one to make an appearance on all celebrities and fashion influencers. How can you not love a bag that helps you have your hands spare for the extra glass of prosecco at the events?


What trend will you go for? Tag us in your fashion week outfits @humble_mag



Chasin’ Dreams with Amy Thomson's AW18 at London Fashion Week

AmyThompson 160218 imagebyRoryJames-13.jpg

Eponymous label Amy Thomson launches her playful AW18 collection 'Chasin’ Dreams’, inspired by youthful aspirations. Each look in the collection presents a character based on a profession seen from a child’s perspective. Thomson poses the question - what does a Princess, Baker and Hairdresser look like through a child’s unaffected eyes? How are these career paths defined in the mind of a child without any preconceptions?

AmyThompson 160218 imagebyRoryJames-11.jpg

From this conceptual beginning, Amy has created eight complete looks that embody a magical aesthetic, bringing to life the idea of focusing on your dreams. Thomson creates this magical feel with her larger-than-life hand rendered drawings that hold a distinctive and charming naivety, ensuring no two garments are the same. With dreamlike prints, motifs and illustrations referencing each character appear throughout the narrative of the collection.

AmyThompson 160218 ImagebyBECKYMUKERJI-14.jpg

The tone of the season consists of a predominately and traditionally feminine colour palette, featuring fuchsias, baby pinks and vibrant rose contrasting with royal blues and lilacs. A thoughtful use of unusual textiles, seen in metallic leather, adds to the wonderfully playful, otherworldly feel, giving us as the viewer a sparkling performance. The womenswear designer used a range of fabrics and textures to create the collection including silks, faux fur and leathers. Amy adds a three dimensional element to the pieces by adorning the garments with bows, ribbon and frills.

Amy Thomson 160218 Deborah Smith 014.jpg
Amy Thomson 160218 Deborah Smith 021.jpg

Thomson collaborates with Headwear Designer, Katie Hamlett from Sassy freak for this season’s complimentary pieces, whilst continuing to keep accessories a unique part of the range. AW18 sees printed scarves, motif tights and embellished handbags elevate the clothing beyond that of a collection, to the creation of an imaginary world reminiscent of a dreamscape.

Having graduated from Leeds College of Art, specialising in surface print and Illustration, Amy has established a brand recognised for it’s whimsical ingenuity and creativity. This is Thomsons’ second collection as a label, since showcasing her debut collection at Graduate Fashion Week, the worlds largest event for BA fashion talent.Amy Thomson says, “Telling a narrative and connecting with an audience is very important to myself as a designer. Chasin’ Dreams is based on real muses, real stories and my own and there is no story truer than the one you are living.”


The Fashion Scout team Willow Dante, Jonny marks, Henrietta Seregi, Julie-Anne Pugh, Tara Pertwee, Joe Platt, Katie Hammnet - Sassy
SHOW PRODUCTION: Fashion Scout Events
MAKE-UP: Paul Merchant and team using products by KRYOLAN
HAIR: Hair created by the TONI&GUY Session Team lead by Sophie Springett using label.m Professional Haircare Styling
SPECIAL THANKS TO: Martyn Roberts, The team at Fashion Scout, Kryolan and Toni & Guy.

Elegant clean colour palette by Claire Tagg AW18 at London Fashion Week 18

ClaireTagg 160218 ImagebyBECKYMUKERJI-17.jpg

‘Glamour is an imaginative process that creates a specific emotional response: a sharp mixture of projection, longing, admiration, and aspiration. It evokes an audience’s hopes and dreams and makes them seem attainable, all the while maintaining enough distance to sustain the fantasy’, Virginia Postrell British designer Claire Tagg launches her eponymous label for AW18 showcasing a dramatic, oriental inspired fauna and flora collection. The AW18 season is inspired by a personal story of her travels as an Air Hostess, combining glamour and destructed textures to creative a dramatic yet opulent range.

Claire Tagg 160218 Deborah Smith 14 of 27.jpg
ClaireTagg 160218 ImagebyBECKYMUKERJI-30.jpg

The AW18 collection sees cut and silhouette inspired by formal airline uniforms. Structured jackets and blazer style dresses are juxtaposed with oversized full skirts and ballgowns constructed in luxurious Duchess Satin. Despite the more grown-up aesthetic of the collection, the core identity of the brand remains.

The tone of the season is sophistication, with an elegant clean colour palette, hosting baby pinks and mustard yellows with contrasting fuchsias and black. Highlights of metallic gold draw attention to the decadence within the garments. The new designer contrasts textures using delicate fabrics of chiffon and satin alongside raised sequinned lace, cotton, satin and silk jacquard.

Tagg keeps her signature layered aesthetic using digital printing to create rich textures of ripped paper alongside a cherry blossom placement print and elaborate embellishment. Each garment is lovingly hand beaded, creating a unique piece every time with no two pieces looking the same.

Accessories continue to play a strong part in the brand with colourful beaded jewellery alongside fabric belts with plane seat belt fastenings. Tagg graduated from The University Of The Creative Arts, Rochester, having won the New Designers Hainsworth Statement Award and winning runner up for the Womenswear Award at Graduate Fashion Week. The carefully handcrafted collection ranges from £500 for separates, to £1600 for hand embellished ballgowns.

Claire Tagg 160218 Deborah Smith 24 of 27.jpg

WOULD LIKE TO THANK: Fashion Scout, Nicola Hitchens, AW Hainsworth and my family for there constant support. SHOW PRODUCTION: Fashion Scout Events MAKE-UP: Paul Merchant and team using products by KRYOLAN HAIR: Hair created by the TONI&GUY Session Team lead by Jon Wilsdon, using label.m Professional Haircare Styling SPECIAL THANKS TO: Martyn Roberts, The team at Fashion Scout, Kryolan and Toni & Guy PR BY NICOLA HITCHENS @claire.tagg | #clairetagg @fashionscoutlondon | #fashionscout | #fashionpioneers |


Tommy and Gigi release a speedy NEW collection.

Written by Jordan Ellen Wood | @jordy_ellen


Gigi and Tommy.jpg

And people say third time's a charm… Gigi Hadid has unveiled her most recent collection with Tommy Hilfiger for the 4th time running. Their collaboration was one of the most talked about in fashion, bringing in the style we love to admire in Gigi and mixing it with Hilfigers classic niche. The joint label Tommy x Gigi, will be coming back to break our bank balance one again. After previous collections of Tommy Pier, Tommyland and RockCircus all showcased around fashion capitals of the world, they will be bringing the long awaited one to Milan Fashion Week.


“My vision for TommyNow was to create a global platform that we could take on tour to bring our show experience to new audiences around the world,” Hilfiger tells WWD. “It’s about the fusion of fashion, entertainment and pop culture, and experiences, performances, and inspiring interactions that are designed around our consumers. As one of the fashion capitals of the world, Milan is the perfect place to celebrate our next TommyNow show.”



Of course, as we Instagram stalk Gigi, we can tell her life is as hectic as the wine aisle in Asda on a Friday night.. And this was one of the reasons behind the new SS18 collection; speed. With Tommy’s love of motorsports and Gigi’s fast past lifestyle in the fashion industry, they knew basing their new collection around what they have a connection with, was something that had to be done. I am in love with the colour blocking of red, white and blue. Classic colours that are understated in our wardrobes and must be worn more of. The sport luxe themed looks are what we are all wanting to get our hands on, from the comfiest sweatpants to the perfectly stitched gloves.


We are day in and day out inspired by Hadid’s street style looks. Gigi’s on-the-go vibes are something we all wish could pull off as well as her. In all her collections with Tommy Hilfiger she wanted it to relate to her true style. Speaking to Vogue about her first collection, she said from the start “Creatively speaking, it’s something that’s really true to my style. I wanted it to be something that when people look at it, they know I was the one who designed it, and that it’s something I would genuinely wear?”. I can see why it sold out in record time… Besides the perfect complexioned face of Gigi, it wasn’t just her looks that got some of the clothes sold before even the show started.

Head over to, where you can have a browse of the images from behind-the-scenes, as well as being able to keep an eye out on the pieces that appeal to you and your wardrobe. I will take one of everything please? Keep pressing the refresh button as come February 28, I can guarantee it will be another sell out like previous collections.



Written by Jordan Ellen Wood | @jordy_ellen


‘Haven’t I seen that already; trends that are back’

Written by Hannah Corkhill


A trend is exactly what it says on the tin, “the popular taste at a given time”, they are what’s current, what people like it girls are wearing and something that us fashion lovers tend to look to and focus on when new ones come around.

Trends come and go and often change as fast as the British weather however, I always tend to feel that although there are few trends we often see being covered, you can’t help but notice some old trends re surfacing in a fresh, current and more 21st century way. Logomania is back, the miniskirts, 80s shoulders and many more - history is always repeating itself but at the moment we are LOVING this crazy Déjà vu period.

Scroll through to see some trends you thought were dead and buried in the back of your wardrobe… time to dust off those cobwebs.



The term logomania is probably only know by a 90’s teen and It Girl but please be warned, stock up on them logo prints now because there coming back. Think Destiny’s Child, Moss and a fresh-faced Paris Hilton layered in their favourite designers, only, we don’t even have to ask who they are wearing.


STYLE NOTE: There isn’t way to style this up, its perfect enough anyway, wear it countless times without getting bored.


Baker boy hats

After moments of speculation, these are officially a thing, once worn by the iconic Brigitte Bardot, they really were style hero’s in the 60’s.


STYLE NOTE: Like any of these ladies, wear to walk your dog or to shop, dress it down or up, the possibilities are endless. Oh, and cover up a bad hair day with this cool and chic hat. And if you aren’t feeling this trend, there’s always a beret.


80’s silhouettes

what a time to be alive, the 80s are back and it’s in full swing, be it padded shoulders, sequins, wide waist belts or frills and poufs, the trends coming through from this era are ENDLESS and they’re giving us all the feels to re live!


STYLE NOTE: can be worn day and night but make sure you spice any one of these up with some statement jewellery.


Patent leather

Something that is so versatile and can be worn in any colour and still look fire. One of the latest trends fresh out of 2017 is patent leather. Wear on your head, legs, feet or body, the glossier the better.


STYLE NOTE: wear now before the summer months because hot weather and this fabric are not an ideal pair. P.s, the patient leather coats go nicely with some trendy block leather white boots.