HUMBLE quarterly published magazine releasing issues in January, April, July, and October.


Photographer Philip Veitch, November 2018

Photographer Philip Veitch, November 2018

  • January / Winter issue: December 1st

  • April / Spring issue: March 1st

  • July / Summer issue: June 1st

  • October / Fall issue: September 1st


We are accepting submissions for:

  • Fashion

  • Beauty

  • Illustration

  • Moving Image

  • Article

  • Art

We accept exclusive and published work of new artists as well as work of established professionals in the industry. Our goal is to maintain a high standard in terms of international fashion. 

Please accompany images with team credits, models name and agency, clothes credits and instagram @handles

Every email is important to us and we value your time but due to the fact that we receive high volume of submissions every month, we don't have the resources to get back to everybody. We read every email but will respond only if we are interested in your submission. 

Submissions can be sent to

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