‘Haven’t I seen that already; trends that are back’

Written by Hannah Corkhill


A trend is exactly what it says on the tin, “the popular taste at a given time”, they are what’s current, what people like it girls are wearing and something that us fashion lovers tend to look to and focus on when new ones come around.

Trends come and go and often change as fast as the British weather however, I always tend to feel that although there are few trends we often see being covered, you can’t help but notice some old trends re surfacing in a fresh, current and more 21st century way. Logomania is back, the miniskirts, 80s shoulders and many more - history is always repeating itself but at the moment we are LOVING this crazy Déjà vu period.

Scroll through to see some trends you thought were dead and buried in the back of your wardrobe… time to dust off those cobwebs.



The term logomania is probably only know by a 90’s teen and It Girl but please be warned, stock up on them logo prints now because there coming back. Think Destiny’s Child, Moss and a fresh-faced Paris Hilton layered in their favourite designers, only, we don’t even have to ask who they are wearing.


STYLE NOTE: There isn’t way to style this up, its perfect enough anyway, wear it countless times without getting bored.


Baker boy hats

After moments of speculation, these are officially a thing, once worn by the iconic Brigitte Bardot, they really were style hero’s in the 60’s.


STYLE NOTE: Like any of these ladies, wear to walk your dog or to shop, dress it down or up, the possibilities are endless. Oh, and cover up a bad hair day with this cool and chic hat. And if you aren’t feeling this trend, there’s always a beret.


80’s silhouettes

what a time to be alive, the 80s are back and it’s in full swing, be it padded shoulders, sequins, wide waist belts or frills and poufs, the trends coming through from this era are ENDLESS and they’re giving us all the feels to re live!


STYLE NOTE: can be worn day and night but make sure you spice any one of these up with some statement jewellery.


Patent leather

Something that is so versatile and can be worn in any colour and still look fire. One of the latest trends fresh out of 2017 is patent leather. Wear on your head, legs, feet or body, the glossier the better.


STYLE NOTE: wear now before the summer months because hot weather and this fabric are not an ideal pair. P.s, the patient leather coats go nicely with some trendy block leather white boots.