Photographer: Emre Kapçak


With the advent of capitalism and the concept of globalisation the idea of mono-culture emerged. Industrial revolution further reinforced the mono-culture mindset and fashion took the idea one step further and turned humanity into a single tribe. Once, identity was delivered by the culture of small tribes with local clothing; now it is global fashion that dictates identities.

At this point a nuance is formed between men and women. While men have narrower and stricter boundaries, women have wider and longer frontiers. With this advantage, woman uses the instruments of fashion to violate the mentioned borders of mono-culture thus becoming the woman she desires.

e m r e k a p c a k



Model Sıla Burgucu @silaburgucu

Photographer Emre Kapçak @emrekapcak

Stylist Zekiye Karadağ @zekiyekaradag_

Make up & hair Sezen Can @sezencan_

Asistant Volkan Doğrul @volkandogrul




Photographer: Anna Pluskota


Photographer | ANNA PLUSKOTA @anna.pluskota
Female Model | ANESU NOELLE MANDE @anesu.noelle
Male Model | Alexandru Sărăţeanu (BAME) @alexsarateanu
Stylist | MANNY LAGO @mlondon_styling
MUA | Francesca Dourado @indigowildmakeup



Photographyer Tyler Nevitt


An editorial devoted to the biggest current trend in men's beauty colored extensions. Hair is by Jennifer Covington-Bowers (team of Joey George)




Photography: Tyler Nevitt @thebrooksagencynyc

DP/Videographer: Lloyd Lenox @lloydlenox

Creative direction /Styling: Julia Morris @Utopia @juliaamorris

Styling assistant: Beatrice Goudet

Hair stylist/Colorist: Jennifer Covington-Bowers using Hairstory

Hair stylist’s assistant: Jon Chao

Make-up: Caitlin Wooters @ Art Department using MAC Cosmetics

Make-up assistant: Jack Greener

Models: Braxton Caudill, Praise Nicholas both @ Fusion Models NY Wyatt Cooper @Umodels



photographer Liz Dungate  


Team Credits:

Photographer: Liz Dungate @lizdungate

Fashion stylist: Manya Sibal @manyasibal

Hair stylist: Tania Becker using Oribe @taniabecker

Hair agency: Nobasura @nobasura_clubhouse

Makeup artist: Carla Sahagun using Cozzette Beauty @carla_sahagun

Model: Farrah @_farrahmarie_ 

Model agency: Spot 6 Management @Spot6Management



Photographer: Felipe Villam



Photographer: @soyfelipevilla
Stylist: @mininuria
Makeup: @andrewperez96
Model: @tanyaduartelopeta
Model: @alvarogarcia5

ReDiscover ME


Photographer Lorenzo Berni



Photographer: Lorenzo Berni @lorenzo_berni

Stylist: Dana Verri @danavrr_fashion_stylist

Set Designer: Angie Vasileiou

Make Up: Chihiro Yamada @chi_i1026

Hair Stylist : Sherean Miller @sherean_miller

Model :Maria Herrera Mapstone @maria.herreramapstone @Elite



Photographer Lucien Pinchon


It is a story that talks to you about mental health and gender fluidity with a surreal twist taking place in north London. 

Team Credit : 

Photographer - Lucien Pinchon /

Stylist - Josefin Rickan /

Make up - Luka Watabe /

Hair - Tetsuya kaneko /

Model - Izabelle @Elite_london 




Photographer Felipe Villam




Photographer Agustin Farias



Photography - Agustin Farias,, @agustinfar

Hair & Make-Up - Cecilia Macedo,, @cecimake

Art Direction, Styling - Adrianne Gojak,, @abrakadabrav

Model - Lea Domas, @lea.domas


The Extreme Collection,, @theextremecollection




Photographer Jack Robson


Happily Never After -SS19

Designer & Stylist : Cansu Odemis @madamefairy

Photographer: Jack Robson @jack__robson

Model: Iva Litova @tinkerbels Bame Models @bamemodels

Makeup Artist: Christina Lomas @chrissie_b_makeup

Collection Theme (Happily Never After -SS19) :

In the SS-19 collection "Happily Never After", the interaction of the fairy tales which have been passed down for generations with the modern culture was explored. Nowadays, as selfie obsession is popularized through social media and celebrity culture, people are becoming more obsessive about their physical appearances than ever before to reach more followers, to get more “likes” to win appreciation and approval. It was impossible for the fairy tales to remain as innocent as Disney's interpretations, since social features, perceptions and problems are changing so rapidly.

With a changing sense of beauty( plastic surgeries, eating disorders )social and psychological problems (self-harming, drug addiction etc.) are reaching epidemic proportions. This collection uses fairy tales as a starting point to explore these challenges, through stitch, print, cut and detail, in a witty manner.




Photographer Murat Kublay


Designer: Gamze Yemez & Sinem Yemez @gamzeyemez2 & @sinemyemez

Post Production and Photography: Murat Kublay @muratkublay_official

Hair and Makeup: Melis Yilmaz @melisyilmazx

Model M: Kaan Ozgen Model F: Deniz Ozge Bingol @denizozgebingol @kaanozgenn

Assistant: Serhan Demirhan @demirhanserhan

Art Director & Stylist: Burcu Gulpak @burcugulpak

Client: @coloreveofficial




Photographer Chuck Bae


Team credits

Photography - Chuck Bae @cbstudiospace (

Stylist - Saehwan Shin @hwaney__shin

Hair Stylist - Malwina Emonia @malwinamakeupartist

Makeup artist - Tash Sultana @nsu_makeupartist

Photographer’s assistant: Archie Sheng @chi_5heng

Model -Paige, Named Models @paigetysims




“Wuthering Heights” came to life from the mind and talent of young Polish designer, Kata Haratym. Haratym’s main inspiration for the collection comes from Kate Bush, her debut single ‘Wuthering Heights’; her music, stage appearance and panache set the tone. The eight distinct designs are suitably esoteric, romantic and dramatic: recalling the unconventional Kate Bush and her strong sense of self. A master when it comes to sourcing fabrics, Haratym created this collection entirely reusing textiles from stock and charity shops. Her exhaustive creative mind and a conscious approach to fashion birthed a collection that uniquely marries edgy and sustainable.


Credits: @jarczynskadominika

Designer: Kata Haratym @kataharatym
MUA&Stylist: Yana Bodyak @yanabodyak
ModelIda Gozdek @idayiiin

PR: Limitée PR @limitee_pr



Photographer Murat Kublay


Jewellery Brand : Add Tension @sinemyemez / @addtension

Photographer: Murat Kublay @muratkublay_official

Model: Olimpia Ahenk / Ronesans Model Agency @olimpiaahenk  @ronesansmodelagency

MUA: Filiz Koruyan @filizkoruyan

Hair: Tarık Mermere @tarik_mermere_




Photographer Sylwia Wozniak


Photo & Style Sylwia Wozniak @snowhitephotography

Model Fana Zeferu @fanazdadeofficial @lindenstaub

Special thanks to Limitée PR @limitee_pr