Photographer: Emre Kapçak


With the advent of capitalism and the concept of globalisation the idea of mono-culture emerged. Industrial revolution further reinforced the mono-culture mindset and fashion took the idea one step further and turned humanity into a single tribe. Once, identity was delivered by the culture of small tribes with local clothing; now it is global fashion that dictates identities.

At this point a nuance is formed between men and women. While men have narrower and stricter boundaries, women have wider and longer frontiers. With this advantage, woman uses the instruments of fashion to violate the mentioned borders of mono-culture thus becoming the woman she desires.

e m r e k a p c a k



Model Sıla Burgucu @silaburgucu

Photographer Emre Kapçak @emrekapcak

Stylist Zekiye Karadağ @zekiyekaradag_

Make up & hair Sezen Can @sezencan_

Asistant Volkan Doğrul @volkandogrul