Photographer Christina Hasenauer


Photographer: Christina Hasenauer
Instagram / @christina_hasenauer

Art Direction: Dominic Packulat
Instagram / @dominicpackulatde

Hair & Make-up: Sarah Bleszynski
Instagram / @sarahbleszymua

Styling: Moritz Brandenstein
Models: Shanice @Fangfrisch
Byrdi @VIVA Models
Dog: Altman
Produced by GoldenAge-ncy


Photographer Dmitrij Vasilenko 


Collection: “CosmoJesus” Collection connects two different worlds: physical and spiritual. The world’s most known religion-Christianity is not only about miracles, it also has many interfaces with space. My interests are space symbols in Christian icons and modern cosmonaut (astronaut).  I also look for symbols and interpret them differently, some of the symbols, like stars, I use to make a print.

Photography & Styling: Dmitrij Vasilenko
Designer: Ugnė Martinaitytė
Make Up & Hairstyle: Diana Rakickaja
Model: Raminta,
Model: Kaspar,


 Photographer Sergey Rogov


Project, that was inspired by the events in Caucasian region during the Perestroika period. People with certain mindset, that was cultivated for years and different from what is familiar to us, were forced to meet with new reality.

This research is designed to look at the problem of assimilation from another angle. To identify distinctive characteristics of Caucasian people, with their genuine pride, prowess, respect and dignity, combining all of this with modern global culture.

Main aim is to revive a familiar emotion in a person, to submerge him in the atmosphere of duality, satire and grotesque, but to preserve the spirit of a mountain man.

The designer Lyalya Shatalo said: «I am from Tshinval. On the moment when I was born it was Georgia, now it is South Ossetia. My childhood was followed by the war for independence. Every summer I was there and every time I kept noticing slight changes in people. They were affected by the fight between two cognate nations, fear of losing home, all of that was combined with the collapse of Soviet Union and overall mood of obscurity in the post Soviet Union countries. Firstly, it was inspiring how people were perceiving new things, but still were preserving old traditions and mentality. This childhood memories formed the basis of my project. It is the story not about war, but about people who were protecting their mentality by the ages. »

Habizhen is translated as ‘ossetian pie’. It is very important part of the culture, and at the same time pie’s obsession in Ossetia is a bit amusing. For the person who do not know the language it is only beautiful word, but the translation is showing satirical component of the project.


Designer / Lyalya Shatalo

Style / Carolina Pavlovskaya

Photographer / Sergey Rogov

Models / Gosha & Vlad @georgduduchava


Photographer N A O M I / J A M I E Studio



A creation between elderly and young creative minds in the world of fashion.


Fashion is a complex subject and the need for innovation is unstoppable. We have reached a point in the life of fashion where there is no longer anything new. Nowadays, we re-create what we have once seen and transform it into a slightly different design, which is then considered to be innovative and trendy.



As a matter of fact, all the possible fashion items have been executed in the past, what we have left now is the room to innovate with the help of technology, but what if you love tradition and want to preserve it?




Jessica António, a Portuguese fashion and textile designer based in the Netherlands, shows us the contrasts between dated and innovative fashion aesthetics through styling and visual communication.



“As part of my graduation collection I researched traditional handcraft techniques, which I used to portray a feeling of nostalgia. On the other hand, the use of crochet and hand-knitted items communicate J-ANT.’s motto that strives for craftsmanship and supports slow fashion.”
‘NEW OLD FASHIONED’ is a project initiated by J-ANT. in collaboration with GRANNY’s FINEST, a conscious wool brand that brings lonesome elderly together through organized knitting sessions. At this point, Jessica searches for a possibility to innovate and depict old-fashioned hand-knitted socks in a new creative manner.



The designer worked together with footwear designer Naomi Hille to create perspex shoes, which reflect the contrast between slow fashion (handmade quality) and fast-fashion (mass production). The shoes are carefully styled with GRANNY’s FINEST hand-knitted socks and photographed in a much minimalistic aesthetic way to convey today’s zeitgeist.



Photographer / @naomi_jamie_studio
Styling and Design / @jantdesign
Socks by J-ANT. in collaboration with / @grannysfinest
Shoes by J-ANT. in collaboration with Naomi Hille