When Fashion Met ART

We’ve seen how worldwide news and issues can affect fashion, how what’s going on in the world impacts how designers create their collections. But one of the longest relationships fashion has held is with art …

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Best Christmas Decorations For Your Home


Christmas is evolving, and while the thought of getting the decorations up in November might seem strange to some, it is all part of tradition for others. It’s probably true that Christmas is becoming much more westernised and such things that we would never have thought about doing here in the UK 20 years ago, have now travelled over the water and have been picked up by some of us Brits.

Nothing beats getting in the festive season (sorry grinches) but if you are a Christmas lover, you can’t beat getting the decorations out, putting them old Christmas songs on full blast and singing your heart out all the while, making your house look like the next grotto.

Whether your style is chic, vintage or simple, there is so many decorations to choose from so here at HUMBE, knowing full well how difficult it is to try and buy every decoration you see, we have put together The Best Christmas Decorations For Your Home. Check them out below.


The Traditionalist


The luxe lover


Modern Chic


Shabby Chic

Which theme is yours? Tag @humble_mag on Instagram to show us your favorite home decorations.


D&G displays at Harrods


It was the most english rose out of the whole bunch. Dolce & Gabbana gave us an amazing fashion show in London, which saw them taking over Harrods Food Hall and transforming it into a runway for one night only. And the only thought I have when it comes to overtaking Harrods, is eating all the immaculately presented desserts… But that wasn’t the end of these two working together… For the most magical season out of the year, Dolce & Gabbana creatively designed Harrods Christmas windows.

Photo credit | David Benett

Photo credit | David Benett

With Harrods being a well known tourist attraction year-round, the Christmas window has to be the best of the best in the UK, let alone London. What can get better than animated puppets, disco balls and cuckoo clocks? Only the creative brains behind Dolce & Gabbana, that is who. 


Photo credit | David Benett

Photo credit | David Benett


Harrods are renowned for its designer collaborations. Does anyone remember last year? When Harrods partnered up with Burberry for their 'A Very British Fairytale’ window display? Well, we can say goodbye to the British heritage and welcome the European. From the Italian food markets and exclusive men and women's ready-to-wear collections and accessories, it is bound to be a very fashionable (and festive) D&G Christmas!



Seeing Christmas through the eyes of Italian designers Domenico Dolce and Stefano Gabbana, will be a Christmas wish come true. The talent behind the luxury italian fashion house, will showcase elements of their own Christmas traditions as well as their latest collection. Each display is showcased on Brompton Road and Hans Crescent (that is if you haven’t gone and checked it out already).




Helen David, Harrods Chief Merchant, talked about the collaboration saying “Domenico and Stefano take us through their festive Italian Christmas via the exciting window displays that they have created for Harrods. Our windows this Christmas will be alight with tradition, the love of family, and an all-around celebration of this special time of year with a hefty dose of fun and Italian spirit”. And if that doesn’t get you excited, then I don’t know what will.



Taking over Harrods, Dolce & Gabbana managed to transform the window into an Italian Christmas feast for the eyes. Tip? Just make sure when you walk past the window, to have already eaten something… Going past this display on an empty stomach doesn’t end well with a look of delicious food. Taking on different scenes that mirror the Italian lifestyle, varies from a homely kitchen to a tailors.


Photo credit | Charlie Bibby

Photo credit | Charlie Bibby

If you are at home reading this and you are desperate to know what creative level Harrods have reached this year, but you can’t move out of your comfy sofa… Then you can watch the beautiful window display here.

Be right back, off to go stare at the display again… Dolce & Gabbana have set the bar high for next years Christmas windows.


Written by Jordan Ellen Wood

Forget the umbrella days BadGalRiRi has launched her own beauty line. FENTY BEAUTY.


We know her for her catchy songs and quirky fashion sense, but behind all of that she has always had a passion of makeup. The first time she experienced makeup for herself, she never looked back. And why would she? Look how far she has come… With some many celebrities becoming beauty moguls and creating their own make up lines, where do you fit in with the line up? Being Rihanna of course. Makeup became her weapon of choice, she used to use it as a way of expressing her mood. When she was like everyone of us… Trying on our mums lipsticks and strutting our stuff around the house. Who else is guilty of this? Despite it being halfway down our faces..


If you don’t follow Rihanna’s makeup range Fenty Beauty on Instagram, then you are missing out.. Not only on models looking gorgeous in her sultry makeup, but with new releases and surprises. Teasing isn’t quite the word, and with a new release of a new shade of lipstick, STUNNA, it is worth the follow.



Before told her million followers that she was releasing the line, she had to keep it under lock and key. RiRi wanted to release a line that she could be proud of and mainly so every woman could be included. The line focuses on a wide range of traditionally hard-to-match skin tones, creating formulas that work for all skin types, and pinpointing universal shades. With the first teaser of the Match Stix (wind-up, stick skin formulas for adding colour and contour) included the best of the best packaging. The magnetic packaging that that is both highly satisfying and totally convenient and each application is easy to apply.

Fenty Beauty lipsticks.png


Whether you are into contouring your face or if you like to add some highlight to your cheeks, the liquid formulas are (have to be said) the most blendable product. You won’t be going around looking like a Zebra for sure… The powder products are finely made, with a velvet touch. Wake up with a big zit before your date? Fenty Beauty has got your back with the best coverage.

 “Makeup is there for you to have fun with,” she says. “It should never feel like pressure. It should never feel like a uniform. Feel free to take chances, and take risks, and dare to do something new or different.”

Watch this space for more to come in her collection. She is constantly surprising us with new products, making sure to please everyone. Remember the time where we would struggle to pick a shade? Had to be between orange and pale gale? Those days can be behind us for good.



Written by Jordan Ellen Wood | @jordy_ellen


Coat trends, styles and silhouettes

  • The Leather Jacket

The leather jacket has been a staple for fashion lovers but the season of A/W 2017, saw designers from Alexander Mcqueen to Balmain resurge the trend back onto the catwalk. The simple black leather jacket is revamped with a mixture of velvet and studs to add that edge for this season.





  • Dog Tooth 

Many designers all over the catwalk this season have been recreating their own version of the gray dog tooth jacket. A more modern alternative to tweed, it adds a sense of sophistication to a look.







Calvin Klein

  • Camel Lapel

The classic beige lapel coat came back on trend this Autumn Winter season. The cut is sharp and sophisticated.







Calvin Klein

  • The Naked Mac

Burberry’s playful pastel mac added a sheer and exposed element to the catwalk. The innovative color pallette alongside Burberry’s classic print, recreates a new signature.






by Naseema Khanom

Who, What, Wear… The Glass Pineapple


Born from a love of fashion and discovering designs that are all about expression, rebellion, joy, protest, innovation and experimentation, so they say.

The Glass Pineapple started out three years ago as a way to support emerging designers and labels through content and coverage via Instagram and blogging. By attending a great deal of fashion events, shows and really putting themselves out there, they found a wealth of untapped fashion talent where their only barrier was a retailer who would invest up front in these unknown labels. TGP (The Glass Pineapple), thought it best to open a one-of-a-kind online store they thought would make it easier to buy these designers and to focus on more positive messaging to help drive fashion back towards the kinder, more experimental, more self-expressive and inclusive place from which they believe it came.


There is nothing The Glass Pineapple can’t and doesn’t do, they are an abundance of information, talent and creativity. See the Labels they love, catwalk collections, read their blog and from February 2018, you’ll be able to shop exclusively from their online store.

The Glass Pineapple have released their NEW Digital fashion store crowdfunding for every emerging designer and independent labels for every budget, size and demographic.

A crowdfunding campaign on Indiegogo has just begun to drive the store launch.

Why are they crowdfunding you ask?...

The campaign is designed to raise funds to create a simple, satisfying way for people to buy from new labels, with all the sophisticated customer service you'd expect from premium online fashion retailers.

To put it simply, The Glass Pineapple want to open a channel between emerging labels and customers.

We want to make it easy to buy from all the amazing designers we’ve found over the years. Plus, we believe that there’s a place in fashion for promoting a kinder and more collaborative approach that embraces diversity, inclusivity and openness without any compromise on aesthetics and style. You don’t have to opt for a crazy expensive label - or be a certain age, skin colour or size - to wear innovative pieces and look and feel amazing. We think it’s time to stop telling people that you do.” Alex Pett, Founder The Glass Pineapple


The campaign is designed to raise funds to create a simple, satisfying way to buy from new labels, whilst still maintaining the sophisticated customer service you'd expect from premium online fashion retailers and focusing on what they know and do best, discovering emerging talent.

They will be thanking our crowdfunding supporters with specially designed rewards, from limited-edition pieces to bespoke prints and unique fashion experiences, what more could you want?



The ultimate Black Friday guide

  Photographer /  @laurence_laborie    Model /  @florenceeugene    MakeUp&hairstyle /  @chinchollekim

  Photographer / @laurence_laborie   Model / @florenceeugene   MakeUp&hairstyle / @chinchollekim

From that faux fur coat you’ve had your eye on for months to the mid heel metallic boots you’ve been penny pinching for, here we have the ultimate Black Friday guide 2017 to make November your favourite time of the month.

It’s not long now until the most popular holiday of the year and festivities start kicking in (if they haven’t already) but although Christmas is just around the corner, there is one more event to add to your calendar, Black Friday!

Originally starting in the US, it is the day following thanks giving and is a perfect time to get all your Christmas gifts and items you’ve been lusting over all year but weren’t prepared to pay full price for.

It is the only day in the year where all brands discount their stock by ridiculous amounts and people literally go crazy over it and it causes mayhem in the streets, take these simple tips on board this year to avoid disappointment.


1.    Shop smart-

Know what you want and where you want to shop, come up with a list of stores that you love the most and find items and save visuals of them so you know what you’re going in for.

2.    Research-

Before even thinking about leaving the house on Black Friday, make sure you do your research, check and check again your list of stores and make sure they actually are doing a Black Friday sale in store, and if they are, then check that it is an amount worth to go in for, sometimes shops will have Black Friday discounts that you might know they have less on at another time of year.

3.    Don’t get caught up in the hype-

It’s so easy to be misled by some shops, don’t take it that just because they have a %OFF that it is necessarily a good one.

4.    Early bird catches the worm-

Many shops open extra early on Black Friday so make sure your up and ready to go and get in the que.

5.    Make the best of it-

Like any shopping trip, shop till you drop.

Find out some shops that are taking part in Black Friday and what we know so far…

·       House of Fraser ; 16th 27th November up to 40% OFF

·       Urban Outfitters ; 23rd-26th November 50% OFF selected lines

·       All Saints ; 22nd-28th November 30% OFF

·       Kurt Geiger ; 20th-27th November 20% OFF

·       ASOS ; (also taking part in cyber Monday) 70% OFF

·       Miss Selfridge ; 50% OFF

·       GAP ; 40% OFF

·       Karen Millen ; 24th- 27th November 25% OFF

·       Charlotte Simone ; 24th – 27th November 20% OFF

·       John Lewis ; Confirmed they are taking part in Black Friday, discount and dates are still unsure.

Written by Hannah Corkhill