London Men's Fashion Week 2018

Written by Jordan Ellen Wood


The highlights

The men are leading the way with one of the most stylish fashion weeks yet, but for some of us that didn’t get a ticket or get the chance to sit on the FROW, there was a lot we missed out on. From Henry Holland’s collaboration with Ben Sherman to some of the best trends captured with the street stylists, January has officially became one of my favourite months in fashion. And as much as we would love to be a fly on the wall at some of the best glitzy after parties, the best moments were all on the catwalk for us to see...


What stereotypes? Bring forward the diversity!

Back in the day, we all know that is was hard enough for “plus size” female models to be accepted in the fashion industry, and this was always the same case with male models too. There are times when we subconsciously judge someone, may this be ‘OMG who would wear pink with blue’ or ‘he has long hair, he must be an emo’. However, at Mens London Fashion Week, there has been a wide choice of diversity that screams out WE WANT MORE! Off White saw them use gender neutral clothing, that men and women can wear, which was showcased on the mix of models for their new collection. Another memorable moment was when Charles Jeffreys presented his Loverboy collection, which explored the array of ideas of what men should be wearing in 2018, basing it around the myth of gay pride.

Charles Jeffery's

Charles Jeffery's


Henry Holland's collaboration with Ben Sherman

Daring fashion designer Henry Holland is known for his eye-catching designs and must have collaborations. Being an expert in both high-street and high-end is what has made him the talented man today. After hearing he merged his quirky aesthetic with classic fashion brand Ben Sherman, I knew it was one to get excited for. The 29-piece unisex capsule collection was featured at London Fashion Week, which contained a variety of clothes from button-down shirts, t0 knitwear and denim. I am hoping there is some way I could pull off a few pieces…

Henry Holland X Ben Sherman.jpg


Street style

From all in one beige to saturated hues, men’s street style was a place to inspire not only the men of the world, but the women as well. The predicted trends of art-referenced pieces from Picasso made a showcase on the streets of London, making the minimal looks have the fullest depth. I wonder if they hoped out of bed dressed like this, or if they plan two months in advance like most of us… A few of my favourite looks on the street has to be the brighter the better. It brings more attention to the silhouette of the male figure, makes me want to ditch the blacks, greys out of my wardrobe, and add all things bright.

Street style shot 2.jpeg
Street style shot 7.jpeg
Street style shot 1.jpeg
Street style shot 8.jpeg



Of course… It wouldn’t be a fashion week if it wasn’t for the people who put the collections together. The designers; all showcasing AW18 clothes that are set to get us excited for the year ahead already. Blood Brothers were one of the most talked about at the event, with modern cutting edge approach to today's style. Their distinctive looks are what captured the attention by the influencers and audience. Of course, other fashion designers were talked about such as House Of Holland, Tommy Hilfiger, Emporio Armani, as well as Tinie Tempah showcasing his new tailored collection. Other upcoming designers at the event were A-COLD-WALL, Belstaff, Bobby Alley, Craig Green, D.GNAK, Per Gottenson and Pronounce presented by GQ China. So make sure to stay tuned for these, as they will be ones to watch.



Despite everyone being there for the style studded shows, we all like to see who made the FROW at the shows.. We are used to seeing the style icons and fashion influencers taking a place at their name saved chairs. Liam Payne was seen at Emporio Armani's show, as well as David Beckham was has been working with Kent & Curwen since 2015 as a majority owner, went to the brands show..

David Beckham FROW.jpg
Liam Payne FROW.jpeg


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