5 Tips on how to wear cargo pants this season!

Written by Jordan Ellen Wood


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Some trends are easy to master; the pastels, the mixed prints and even the white boot. But other trends can be tricky to get around.. The army influenced trend that brought us the cargo pants, has been an unexpected fashion item making a comeback this season. The cargo pants has become a luxury sportswear piece that has filled everyone's wardrobes. Taking inspiration from Gwen Stefani and Melanie Blatt, the baggy pocket style will become an item everyone will be owning. HOW DO WE PULL IT OFF?! Are you a girl of two worlds and like to wear both trainers and stilettos? Mix it up a bit a pull them off with both. Team up with an oversized crisp white shirt or a nude sweater? The world is your oyster! Keep on reading to find out more on how to wear the latest trend…


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1. Keep it minimal

Keeping a style minimal can actual be harder than mixing it up. How minimal is minimal? Creating a minimal look with a trend can make your wardrobe the most chicest. Think Chloé! The cargo pants are effortless in their own way, so I recommend pairing them with more neutral colours such as beiges, whites, nudes and even browns. Bring out the modern elegance in you.


2. Turn up the dial on glamour

The contrast of glamour and casual is the best go-to look. Chuck on a pair of black stilettos and an opened white shirt and you have yourself an outfit that will get you from tapas with the girls to a night out. It will be contemporary evening wear at its finest.


Street style 3.jpg

3. Forget double denim, double up the cargo

Denim use to be the fabric everyone would love to double up on, but now it is all about doubling up on the cargo. Whether you are doubling up on the colour of khaki or going the extra mile by repeating the fabric, you have got the trend covered!


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4. Keep it up with kicks

After checking out Isabel Marant and how they pulled off cargo pants, there is no easier way to say go all out with athleisure. You may be a girl who loves a stiletto, but if you are one of the girls that gets their feet easily tainted after 2 minutes of being in a heel then this look is one for you. Chuck on a pair of trainers and you have a look that will blow any other athleisure look out of the water. If you want to add depth to the look, add in a bum bag and some hoops.


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5. Taking it back to the 90’s

One of the most influential eras in fashion that has made a comeback quite a bit recently is the 90’s. Taking influence from Spice Girls, All Saints and Gwen Stefani, they have compelled us us to do a major throwback with the cargo trousers.


How will you be wearing this season's trendiest piece?


Written by Jordan Ellen Wood | @jordy_ellen