The Halloween outfits to get us fashionably recognised!


It is scary how Halloween has come around so quickly. Seems like only yesterday we were carving our pumpkins (or at least attempting to) into all things weird and somewhat creative. The once a year holiday that was once known for trick-or-treating, despite secretly missing how we would always wake up the next day with our tummies hurting from the over consumed candy, has now become all about us adults. The ones who can make the best Halloween inspired cocktails, or better yet...can come up with the best costumes (and the most fashionable).

A simple white sheet thrown over us use to be the best Halloween costume going. I mean.. You didn’t have to worry about your makeup or the fact if you made any bad mistakes, then no one would of known who you were. Can we bring this costume back?! Social Media has now got us on the hype of who can dress the best. We have seen people mimic Kimye, and of course the queen of Halloween costumes, Heidi Klum dress as Jessica Rabbit, a simple white sheet doesn’t cut it anymore. Can we recreate old costumes or do we start recreating our own and making them the all more whackier? Seems 2018 is all about the most fashionable. What will get Anna Wintour loving?


Check out the trending Halloween costume ideas that will be recreated all over our Instagram feeds throughout Halloween. Is it time to get out your white powder and fake blood? Or is that so last year and all about the iconic figures? Either way, 2018’s Halloween is going to be your best dressed one yet.


Cher and Dion

The famous duo from the timeless classic, Clueless, has been set to be mimicked by all best friends. The onsombles are in all of our favourite high street stores at the moment, which makes it easier for us ladies to pull a last minute Halloween outfit together (and not look like we’ve rushed around). So grab your favourite girl, put on some plaid and pull out that old brick phone as you are about to get a call to take it back to the 90s.

Cher and Dion.jpg

  The Olsen Twins

You can’t get anymore classic than the Olsen twins. And if you are a person that hates covering themselves in fake blood, then dressing as close to anything unrelated to Halloween is the best way to go! Will be your cheapest costume to date! Grab your oversized black clothes, your bigger than better sunglasses and maybe a Starbucks then you are set! Who wouldn’t want to be fashions favourite couple?

Olsen twins.jpg

Audrey Hepburn

Every girl has an LBD in her wardrobe, and if you dont? Then you are missing a vital piece! A prime example of why you should! Last minute plans like this… Audrey Hepburn is an all time favourite for costume parties! Remeber her role as Holly Golightly? LBD, black gloves and a load of pearls! As simple as you can go!

Audrey HepburnHolly Golightly.jpg

Spice girls

After a few one too many glasses of the Halloween punch, we know we will be karoke singing to whole Spice Girls album. The only thing you and your four best girlfriends will be missing to make it all complete, is the outfits. Are you daring enough to pull off an all leopard print two piece like Scary or will you play it safe with a pale pink mini and go as Baby? Sporty, Posh and Ginger? Grab your girls and get picking your outfits! Never mind spicing uo your life. Time to spice up your Halloween night!

Spice Girls.jpg

Mean girls

Who wouldn’nt want to be Regina George?! Like ‘OMG that is SO fetch!!’. Whether you all mimic the failed bra showing through the vest trend that shortly lived or mimic their exact Halloween outfits. Be the most talked about girls of the night! Just be careful when you bend down as those pleated minis are slightly on the mini side…

Mean girls 1.jpg

Tonya Harding

Margot Robbie’s replica of figure skater Tonya Harding in I, Tonya, was one of the most talked about last year. All things glitter and sequins is what is taking peoples eyes for going as Harding for Halloween. Who wouldn’t want to prounce around all glitz? You know what they say about blondes… Grab yourself a blonde wig and you have got yourself a costume that will be in ore by others.

Tonya Harding.jpg



What are your Halloween costume ideas for this year? Let us know!!


Written by Jordan Ellen Wood | @jordy_ellen