Anarchism? Or search for identity.


Interview with Eddy Bogaert by Jessica Lam


“His pieces are coveted by the who’s who of the art world. His work reveals a variety of contrasting aesthetics he has described as a “chaotic balance”. His unconventional imprint uses mixed media and bright colors against dark canvases illustrating the layers and contradictions of humanity.  The artist’s work has been a centerpiece at Art Basel Miami for several years. His artwork is highlighted at multiple art shows and interactive events during this week. One year, he painted a Lamborghini driving Art Basel attendees’ curiosities and wallets to his following shows. Eddy Bogaert achieved international success with his Art Show at the Olympics hosted in Rio Janeiro Brazil followed by galleries and art shows in Vienna, Paris, Ukraine and London. “


What is your ethnic background, and do you think this has influence your art?

I’m from New York, but have lived in Old Greenwich, Boca Raton, Orlando, Spain and Dominican Republic. I went to Temple University in Philadelphia. My ethic back ground is Belgian and Dominican but with all this moving around, my past has been pretty chaotic, but I got to grab things that I like and create my own utopia, which in my way is similar to my art.


So as you can see, I have always been surrounded by diversity, culture and has experience life in many different countries. My art is very similar to my life – rich with many layers. I add complexities to my artwork by my own experience, influences and contrasting aesthetics. I draw inspiration from high fashion, street art, the glamour of the city nightlife as well as pop culture. I embed magazines covers, fellow models and editorial images into my own work.


How long have you been painting for?

I have been painting for all my life.


Where are your paintings held and where are your favourite place your pieces are at the moment?

My artwork is not currently in any galleries right now, but they have been in a few in New York City, Los Angeles, Miami, Austria, Paris and Brazil. I love to be featured in any amazing gallery that believe in me and my art.

 Where would you like your paintings to be put up next?

I would love them to be in any amazing places such as Pace Gallery HG contemporary and DTR Modern Galleries just to name a few, as well as some hotels, like Dream Hotel and SLS. Thinking further down the line I would like to be in the Whitney and MOMA (Museum of Modern Art)

 Describe your painting style

I would describe my painting style similar to the weather, both beauty and chaotic. This is called the Lyapunov Time. My work is called a ‘chaotic balance’ because through the chaos one can start seeing balanced patterns and subliminal messages that with the naked eye one cannot see.

I can see a lot of your images are based around people, especially faces and bodies of women.. do you choose women deliberately? What do you choose first, the model or the colours?

Anarchism is the idea of search for identity that manifests itself in many different forms. The only way for the anarchist to discover his identity is to experience and evolve his individuality within the rest of society. Looking for liberation and knowledge of self, looking for the journey. Many anarchists consequently mark their own odyssey by the artwork that reflects their own struggle for self which is why anarchy and art are undeniably intertwined.


 My paintings often insert beautiful women buried in the overall context of the scene and they are there because I feel they add humanity to the abstract soul of my work. I find women beautiful, but I let my heart pick which to pick first colour or model ...

If you could choose any celebrity (dead or alive) to feature in your painting, who would it be and why?

Andy Warhol - because he also painted celebrities himself, plus I am not a 100% certain that he knew that he would be a cultural icon.